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#what is the meaning of word Assam, #Whats is the price of Manohari tea, #what is Ambubachi mela, #When Ambubachi Happen?? In this post we will sharing top facts of Assam.

If you thought assam was all about assam tea then you're sadly mistaken there's  so much more to it there's black magic, bird suicides, a lamp that has been burning for  more than five and a half centuries and so much more.

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The word assam is derived from the word asma which is from the now extinct ahom language   and it literally means fearless or incomparable assam used to be a part of burma and it was only   after the anglo-burmese war that it became a part of india thanks to the british originally assam  is comprised of arunachal pradesh meghalaya mizoram as well as nagaland and back then the capital used   to be .shillong. it was only after the seven sisters got their statehood that the capital then shifted . 25% of the world's tea comes from assam so if you are a chai fanatic then must try it. There is the single mold of tea the premium tea and that also   comes from asap the very aromatic antioxidant gold manohari tea it is so premium that it sells at 75000 rupees a kilo that is the entire tea budget for my building for one year so while assam is   the center of the world for tea asan is also the center of the entire Galaxy when it comes to   Tantra. maa Kamakhya temple of Guwahati is considered to be one of the four main shaktipeeths in the world. In   this temple the yoni of the goddess is worshiped now everyone comes into the world through the yoni   and that is why this temple is also considered to be the center of the birthplace of the earth . The   ambubachi mela is a festival that takes place in this temple and during that time period for   four days the entire temple shuts down because it is believed that the goddess is menstruating   during these days so it's not surprising that a lot of women visit this temple especially women   who want to have children. in this temple just like the internet you have various speeds at   which you can get darshan so you have your high speed darshan speed darshan and general   legend has it that the royal kochbihar family the same family that maharani gayatri devi came from   is cursed by this devi apparently not only can they not enter the temple but if they   are going past the temple they need to look in the opposite direction.

 when it comes to tantra  another town in assam mayang is considered to be the cradle of black magic in india. Now this   town has become a tourist attraction and what's really funny is that the word mayang   comes from maya which means illusion .

     assam is also known for its vibrant indigenous tribal culture . There are more than 18 major tribal groups in assam .

 Jatinga  a small district in assam and it is more famously known for a very strange phenomenon called as the bird suicide for as long as we know thousands of birds during a particular time period in the year  commit suicide till now it is a mystery.

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